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    Sciences de l'homme et de la société
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    Patoine Pierre-Louis

Acres of Snow: Literary and Biological Visions of the Arctic Environment

The goal if this program is to foster innovative ways of thinking about Arctic environments by organizing a series of meetings where scientists, cultural actors (more particularly, in this case, writers, storytellers and literary scholars) and local peoples can meet. These meetings open spaces of dialogue allowing scientists to question the linguistic and narrative categories, and the imaginary that underlies their experiental approaches. It can also give them a broader perspective on the Arctic, as the project involves the study of historical (especially 19th century) discourses on this environment, and the mobilization of local stories and indigenous knowledge. It gives the opportunity to writers and literary scholars to confront their ways of thinking/representing the environment with technical, scientific approaches and methods, and thus to gain new ways of encountering and recounting the Arctic. Finally and most importantly, it gives a different opportunity to the inhabitants of Greenland to meet some of the scientists working near their communities and to contribute to the future orientations taken by this work.