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    Sciences du vivant
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    Université de Bourgogne
  • Responsable du projet :
    Bollache Loic

Directs and indirect impacts of predator-prey interactions on the non linear dynamics of arctic vertebrate communites facing climate changes

Lemmings and their predators are deeply structuring the terrestrial vertebrate communities in the Arctic. Their local densities and dynamics are, directly and indirectly, both impacted by and impacting the population dynamics of most other vertebrate species. But today, the main predator-prey interaction leading to their high-amplitude cyclic population dynamics are increasingly disturbed by climate-driven changes in NE Greenland and in the Arctic in general. Comparing the differences found between distinct study areas and at different geographical scale (regional and circumpolar) will allow us to better understand and assess the respective contributions of the different interactions in the functioning and dynamic of this emblematic Arctic terrestrial vertebrate community. Expected results from our renewed program will allow us to better predict the different paths Arctic terrestrial ecosystems are expected to follow under various climate change scenarios and the implications of such changes on Arctic biodiversity in general.