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    Le Meur Emmanuel

Dynamics of coastal outlet glaciers and implications on the overall mass balance of the East Antarctic ice sheet

Because of the test zone – observatory structure of the glacier, the objectives of the program remain the same by maintaining measurement protocols started (in order to detect significant trends) and also by proposing innovative measurements. The aim is twofold ; (i) directly use these data to improve our knowledge of the glacier (structure, dynamics..), (ii) use these data to feed numerical ice flow models in order to reproduce the glacier dynamics and its future behaviour in a changing environnment. Results obtained over the test zone (reasonnable extent, logistical facilities) are then intended to be generalized over the much wider WAL (Wilkes, Adélie Land) over which geophysical airborne have been undertaken and will be pursued in the framework of the project (Collaboration with the University of Texas). Although less exhaustive than those of the test zone, these measurements will serve for a larger-scale modelling effort aiming at refining the prediction of the future contribution of this entire sector to the sea level.