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    Sciences de la Terre et de l'Univers
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    Université de Laval
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    Domine Florent

Ecosystems - Snow - ClimAte - PErmafrost feedbacks - 2

Permafrost covers over 20% of land masses in the Northern hemisphere. Its thawing due to global warming could release tens of Pg of carbon in the form of CO2 and CH4 to the atmosphere, representing a major positive feedback to warming. Permafrost thawing also impacts Northern communities and on the development of the Arctic. This project aims at improving (1) our prediction of the evolution of the thermal regime of permafrost; (2) our understanding of the exchanges of carbon between the permafrost and the atmosphere. Regarding the first question, the emphasis will be placed on snow-vegetation interactions, and in particular on the physical processes induced by vegetation growth and which modify snow thermal conductivity, in order to pursue and complement the breakthroughs of the past 4 years. Regarding the second question, the emphasis will first be placed on the Umiujaq site, where the ground in carbon-poor and where vegetation growth has allowed recent carbon uptake. Subsequently, the carbon-rich Bylot site will be studied.