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    Sciences du vivant
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    Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté
  • Responsable du projet :
    Saucède Thomas

Effects of global change on coastal marine life in Kerguelen Islands. Establishment of a base line for ecological and genetic monitoring, protection and conservation

The PROTEKER project is a pilot program that aims to establish a base line for assessing the impact of climate change in coastal marine ecosystems of Kerguelen islands by ecological and genetic monitoring at reference sites. The rich biodiversity of coastal marine ecosystems is usually strongly impacted by environmental changes over the planet. In Kerguelen, such environments were little investigated compared to open sea areas, and are still poorly known. The project should provide stake holders and decision makers with scientific criteria for protection and conservation of Kerguelen coastal marine ecosystems. The PROTEKER first phase (2011-2014) aimed at assembling together and merging all available data from previous programs, selecting, and setting up monitoring stations for completion of the present proposal required for 2015-2018. During this second, operational phase, scientific investigations will integrate all levels of marine biodiversity, from species to community levels and will consist in a pluri-disciplinary approach including monitoring of abiotic parameters, habitat mapping, population genetics, genomics, functional ecology (physiological/trophic analyses), and macroecological analyses (ecological niche modelling). Expected results should provide with integrative models of Kerguelen coastal marine life distribution and sensitivity to environmental changes.