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    Sciences de la Terre et de l'Univers
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    Antarctique, Subantarctique
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    Site de l'UNISTRA
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    Chambodut Aude

Five French permanent magnetic observatories (AMS, CZT, DMC, DRV & PAF) in Southern territories

The 5 permanent magnetic observatories of Amsterdam, Crozet, DomeC/Concordia, Dumont d’Urville and Kerguelen are fulfilling the Intermagnet (INTErnational Real-time MAGnetic observatory NETwork, http://www.intermagnet.org/) standards. In these observatories, the Earth’s magnetic field is continuously recorded with sampling rates of 1 second. Absolute measurements of the magnetic field components are also performed every day along the year. The data processing and dissemination, to the world Data Centers (W.D.C. for Geomagnetism) across the Intermagnet network, are quasi real-time thanks to the recent acquisition system integrating daily shipment protocols. The continuity, quality, stability and homogeneity of those observations are of the utmost importance for their continued usefulness for the whole scientific community. The observatories are localized in remote places that do not allow to fully use usual French observatories protocols (BCMT http://www.bcmt.fr/ protocol usually used: permanent internet connection, permanent observer, larger site and shelters, …) and have led necessarily to logistical and technological adaptations. We plan (i) to continue the consolidation of our equipment and (ii) to establish, with the IPEV collaboration, the settlement of real-time transmission of the data.