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    Sciences de la Terre et de l'Univers
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    Weimerskirch Henri

Multidisciplinary program on Ile de l'Est and at sea around the Crozet Islands

The PLURICRO2 program is a multidisciplinary program focusing on applied management research, which combines ten IPEV programs already accepted and the National Reserve of Terres Australes Françaises. The Pluricro2 project is a three-part project in the Crozet Islands, a one-month stay on Ile de l’Est by a team of 12 scientists and reserve agents, an Oceanographic campaign between the islands of the archipelago, and a short visit to Ile aux Cochons. The general objective of the PLURICRO2 campaign is to carry out a biological and geological inventory, 36 years after the last scientific mission in this area of ​​the Crozet Islands. On Ile de l’Est studies will focus on seabirds and marine mammals, botany, entomology and soil biology, introduced vertebrate species, intertidal biology and geology. At sea the campaign aboard the Curieuse aims to carry out the inventory of the marine biodiversity around Ile de l’Est, to evaluate the endemism of the species and to better understand the processes of diversification of the fauna and evolution of marine biodiversity. PLURICRO2 is the first multidisciplinary scientific program structuring in a large number of scientific disciplines and the TAF National Reserve on a theme of monitoring biodiversity in one of the last untouched areas of human impact while addressing emerging issues such as Invasive alien species and the impact of global changes, and by integrating marine issues related to the recent extension of the Marine Reserve.