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    Sciences de la Terre et de l'Univers, Sciences de l'homme et de la société
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    Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté :
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    Bernard Eric

Permafrost Rock Ice and Snow Monitoring in the Austre Loven glacier basin (Svalbard).

Prism project is focused on 2 main objectives. First, using drones and a terrestrial laser scanner to derive high resolution surface models. Second to maintain a long term observation network in a small Svalbard glacier basin. Combined use of drone and photogrammetry on one hand, and of lidar technology on the other hand do allow for a fine resolution approach of highly variable processes such as snow cover settling, moraine icings, permafrost related surface morphology changes and glacier ice changes. These dynamical processes do have an important role in the physical and hydrological behaviour of polar glaciers and on the cryosphere at large. The second major aspect of Prism will consist in continuing recurrent measurements in the framework of the Austre Lovénbreen basin as a glacier observatory. Mass balance and surface temperature measurements will be the principal component of data that will continue the work that has been undertaken over the last few years.