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    Antarctique, Subantarctique
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    Dumont D'Urville, raid, Kerguelen, Sciences de l'homme et de la société
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This research aims to study, in a dynamic perspective, relations between individuals and their close spatiality specifically in extreme and unusual and/or isolated and confined environments (according to the terminology used by Peter Suedfeld or Jean Rivolier).

This exploratory approach wants to better understand the stress regulation process for an individual in a restrictive environment, taking into account its spatial anchoring, psychological resource still not studied that much. In addition, it fits into the context of health psychology by questioning the links between mental health, well-being and work efficiency to offer terms of primary prevention.

This research is specifically dedicated to people living during long period(s) in confined environments (eg. : nuke submarines or International space station) or insolated ones (eg.: Antarctic / sub-Antarctic bases, or field camps for military operations abroad