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    Sciences de la Terre et de l'Univers
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    Marchaudon Aurelie

SuperDARN Kerguelen

The SuperDARN network of coherent High-Frequency (HF) radars is dedicated to global observations of the convection of the ionospheric plasma in the high-latitude regions: auroral zones and polar cap. The french SuperDARN Kerguelen radar is conjugate with the english Hankasalmi radar and with the incoherent scatter radars, ESR and EISCAT, all located in Scandinavia. This configuration greatly enhances the capabilities of the whole SuperDARN project on most of the scientific objectives, but more particularly on those centred on magnetic conjugacy between hemispheres. It will allow to understand the nature and the limits of magnetic conjugacy. Moreover, the SuperDARN network gives also complementary measurements to experiments onboard satellites, bringing a better understanding of the whole solar wind-magnetospshere-ionosphere system, particularly its evolution with time.