Announcement of Opportunity for Human Research at Concordia

The Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration Programmes of the European Space Agency, in cooperation with the Concordia Steering Committee, announces an opportunity to propose investigations in human research using the unique environment of Concordia station as a Human Exploration analogue. For more information : Download the Announcement of Opportunity for Human Research… Lire la suite

Call for abstracts : POLAR2018

The Scientific committee on Antarctic research (SCAR) and the International arctic science committee (IASC) invite the international polar and high altitude community to their joint meeting POLAR2018 ( hosted by WSL and SLF in Davos, Switzerland. Program overview 15 – 18 June 2018 : SCAR and IASC/ASSW Business & Satellite Meetings 19 – 23 June 2018… Lire la suite

SIOS : Call for pilot projects

SIOS-KC will open a call for proposals for pilot projects Opening of Pilot Call: 3 August 2017 Proposal Deadline: 1 October 2017, 16:00 CET Total funds available: 2 million NOK SIOS seeks proposals of two types: SESS projects This is an opportunity to be part of the team that develops the first State of the… Lire la suite

Call for candidates at Concordia

ESA Concordia research MD call for candidates for WO2018

Press release : Searching for the world’s oldest ice

Why did the rhythm of glaciations suddenly slow down about a million years ago? To answer this question and to better forecast future climate change, a consortium of researchers from 14 institutions1, including France’s CNRS and IPEV, have set out to find ice that is at least 1.5 million years old. With €2.2 million funding… Lire la suite

Incredible pictures

 Amazing pictures realized by Vincent Munier   Vincent Munier, author of the photos on the website front page, reveals the Antarctic continent through his rare poetic clichés … Discover these magnificent pictures taken in Dumont D’Urville during the Wild Touch expedition in which he participated in January 2016. The website of photographer Vincent Munier

Jobs at AWIPEV station

Starting each January 1, Logistics Department of AWI is seeking to appoint a Scientist with a background within either meteorology, physics or geophysics as the scientific base leader (winterer)  and an engineer within the field of optics, electronics, physical technique, electro technique as a technical staff member and winterer at the joint German-French Arctic station… Lire la suite

Workshop on Arctic RI collaboration

SIOS is hosting the next Nordic ENVRI workshop (5-7 September) focusing on arctic research infrastructure collaboration and observations. Nordic ENVRI is a infrastructure network of Nordic Atmospheric and Earth system science including Nordic representatives of ICOS, ACTRIS, SIOS, ANaEE and other relevant national environmental research infrastructures. The Nordic ENVRI network organizes workshops on specific topics… Lire la suite

Arctic marine modelling school

The Forum for Arctic Modeling and Observational Synthesis (FAMOS) offers a school (Nov 1) and workshop (Nov 2-4) for arctic marine modellers and those who want to work with them (eg observationalists, glaciologists, meteorologists, hydrologists, biologists). Some travel support is available for graduate students and postdocs. FAMOS has an emphasis on early career people. This… Lire la suite