COMNAP Annual General Meeting

The AGM XXVIII : 16–18 August 2016 REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for COMNAP MEMBERS. AGM information can be found at: The COMNAP AGM XXVIII (2016) will be hosted by the National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR), Goa, India. The AGM is for COMNAP Members, invited Observer organisations and invited Expert organisations only. The… Lire la suite

In the land of polar bears

Christelle Guesnon, next observatory engineer to the Arctic station AWIPEV at Ny Alesund in Svalbard, show us these beautiful pictures!

A photographer at Ny Alesund

Paolo Verzone, sent at the AWIPEV station in Ny Alesund for a photo essay, reveals in our website slidder, these first achievements …

COMNAP Symposium 2016

Our COMNAP Symposium 2016, “Wintering-over Challenges”, will be held in Goa, India, hosted by our colleagues at NCAOR. Call for submission of abstracts for consideration for oral and poster presentations is NOW OPEN. Please see attached abstract submission forms or see: for further information and for submission forms in docx format. DEADLINE for abstract submission… Lire la suite

Cooperation between ESA and EPB

On February 3rd the Chair of the European Polar Board (EPB), Maaike Vancauwenberghe, and the Director-General of ESA, Jan-Dietrich Woerner, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) at ESA’s HQ in Paris. ESA DG signs MoU with EPB ©ESA–Nadia Imbert-Vier, 2016 The MoU provides a framework for a wider cooperation between ESA and the EPB, and… Lire la suite

Plaque of Pourquoi-Pas?

The plaque of Pourquoi-Pas? has been replaced on its cairn in Petermann Island by the crew of L’Austral, a vessel of the Compagnie du Ponant During his second voyage in Antarctica, Jean-Baptiste Charcot stayed on Petermann Island (Antarctic Peninsula) from January to November 1909. He erected on this island, at the top of Megalestris hill,… Lire la suite

Under water of Antarctic …

Incredible new penguin-cam video captures life under the Antarctic ice New footage released shows a penguin-eye view under the ice in Antarctic waters using a tiny camera mounted on the back of an Adélie penguin. The footage was captured in Terre Adélie – ‘the land of the Adélies’ – by scientists from the French (1091… Lire la suite

Call for proposal

Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (“ACE”) The goal of the ACE Project is to offer to international teams of distinguished scientists an outstanding and unique opportunity to study the marine and terrestrial environment of the sub-Antarctic ecosystem, based on the following components : Aplication form here A round trip of Antarctica in a single expedition (see Annex… Lire la suite