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    Sciences de la Terre et de l'Univers
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    Laboratoire Lagrange
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    Guillot Tristan

ASTEP/Beta Pic: A continuous monitoring of Beta Pictoris and its young planetary system 

β Pic is the first star for which we have been able to image a protoplanetary disk, in 1984. It is around this stars that the existence of “exocomets” was first inferred. In 2008, a planet was discovered at about 8 au from the star (more or less the distance between Saturn and the Sun) . The study of the planet, β Pic b, and of the circumstellar dust disk, is a unique source of information to understand these extremely young systems and planet formation. The passage of β Pic b almost in front of its star between April 2017 and January 2018 led to an international collaboration to follow the system.Between April and September, only the telescopes located in Antarctica have good viewing conditions. During 2017, ASTEP has obtained the best photometric observations of the system. We propose to pursue the observations for a second year. This will create a unique database of the system, enabling the detection of other planets in the system and a full characterization of the star.