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    Subantarctique, Crozet, Kerguelen
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    Ecosystemes, Biodiversite, Evolution:
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    Renault David

Subantarctic biodiversity, effects of climate change and biological invasions on terrestrial biota

The subantarctic islands are amongst the most isolated islands from any continental landmass and contain a number of the limited terrestrial habitats present at these latitudes. Interestingly, our knowledge of the subantarctic biodiversity, autoecology and effects of climate changes and biological invasions still contain many gaps. In parallel, accurate assessments of the sensitivity and vulnerability of polar organisms must be achieved in order to reliably predict species and community trajectories. In addition to climate changes, alien insects and plants can represent significant drivers of community structure and functional diversity in general. Changes in plant communities have strong bottom-up effects on multitrophic interaction networks with subsequent effects on above-ground animal communities in terms of abundance, taxonomic and functional diversity. In this project, we are investigating the spatio-temporal patterns of the subantarctic biodiversity, biological invasion processes, the effects of changing environments and multi-stress on species physiological ecology and the perception of the biodiversity in a non-market context.