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    Biologie Humaine
  • Région :
    Antarctique, Dumont d'Urville, Concordia
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  • Responsable du projet :
    Villemain Aude

Physical Activity and Health, Pluridisciplinarity Approach in ICE (isolated, confined environment) (PAHPA ICE)

This program convene several disciplinary fields to understand the human adaptation to hostile environment. This applied research addresses this problem from physiological, cognitive and psychological sciences standpoints. It is expected that all these fields will provide convergent information about the changes occurring during wintering. The final outcome of this project is to put forward concrete answers to the variations observed.

With regard to the existing literature, an inventory of physiological, psychological and cognitive data in hostile environments should confirm the evolution of the changes during wintering on the psychological, cognitive and physiological behaviours; The understanding of physiological, cognitive and psychological variability during the wintering could lead us in a second step, which is to propose concrete solutions, such as a physical activity program, to improve health as a whole.