Greenhouse gases monitoring at Amsterdam Island

The goal of the greenhouse gases measurement program at Amsterdam Island is to contribute to long term atmospheric monitoring within the framework of the ICOS-France National Observation Service and the international GAW (Global Atmospheric Watch) network from World Meteorological Organization. Amsterdam Island is a reference site for atmospheric watch in the southern hemisphere (background site), and measurements conducted in-situ enable us to better estimate the austral ocean impact as a carbon sink and better understand the associated mechanisms. This location is also well suited to trace emission transport coming from South Africa. For the coming four years program, we intend to maintain the current atmospheric monitoring with continuous measurements of CO2, CH4, CO, N2O and O3. Additional flask sampling (CO2, CH4, CO, N2O, SF6, H2) used for quality control and continuous 222-Radon measurements as well as meteorological parameters which enable an accurate air masse origin characterization will be continued. A reniewal of both systems (flasks sampler and radon monitor) is planned within the next four years.

We also think about adding a portable FTIR at Amsterdam Island in order to investigate the CO2 total column and associated parameters.