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  • Domaine de recherche :
    Sciences du vivant
  • Région :
    Arctique, Norway
  • Site :
    Site de Thierry Boulinier
  • Responsable du projet :
    Boulinier Thierry

Host-parasite interactions in space: dispersal and local interactions in arctic seabirds.

The aim of this research program is to examine the response of animal populations to environmental variability at different spatial scales. The study system is a host-parasite system at three levels, involving arctic seabirds as hosts, the tick Ixodes uriae as their ectoparasite and microparasites such as Lyme disease agent Borrelia burgdorferi and arboviruses. The role of the variability in host phenotypic responses (immunology and behaviour) and of the coevolution between the hosts and the vector tick for the ecology and evolution of such interactions at different scales will be studied. In addition to laboratory analyses, the approach combines field experiment to the analyses of data recorded in a spatialised context.