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    Sciences de la Terre et de l'Univers
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    UMR Epoc
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    Schneider Jean-Luc

Interactions between Hotspot, Rift and Cryosphere : JÖKulhlaup Economic Risks (JOKER)

The IPCROCI-3 – JOKER project is the continuation of the former IPCROCI-2 program (2009-2012). The major results of the previous program lead to ask new scientific questions. We envisage now to study in a greater detail the impacts of large-scale glacial outbursts floods (jökulhlaups) issued from the ice cap. We will analyze the morpho-sedimentary effects of the jökulhlaups in the large periglacial fluvial systems around Vatnajökull, date the major flood events, and understand the structural control of the trigger events and on their flow.