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    Subantarctique, Kerguelen
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    Sabatier Pierre

PAleoclimate from LAke Sediments on Kerguelen Archipelago 2

This project is a joint proposal of EDYTEM (CNRS, université Savoie Mont Blanc) and the Department of Earth science, University of Bergen. The objective of this project is to perform at least Holocene-long sediment cores from Kerguelen lakes in order to do high resolution continuous reconstructing of past climate fluctuations with sedimentological and geochemical proxies. The proposal is connected to an ongoing project at University of Bergen where similar sites in Northern Hemisphere will be investigated with the same methods together with sites at South Georgia in the southern Atlantic Ocean. In this proposal focused on Kerguelen Archipelago, two complementary approaches will be applied: i) in Lake Armor, a lake with no glacier in its catchment area, erosion fluxes will be used to reconstruct past precipitation patterns (already cored in 2014, under studuy) ; ii) in lakes with a glacier in their catchment area (Lake Guynemer area and Lake Aphrodite area), erosion fluxes will be used to reconstruct past glacier fluctuations (this proposal). In a second time, this two records will be associated to reconstruct the past shift or changes in intensity of the Southern Westerly Wind. Finally, those approaches will be completed by Holocene sea-salt aerosols reconstructions from element geochemistry.