H2O Antarctica Microwave Stratospheric and Tropospheric Radiometers

The HAMSTRAD radiometer is a genuine state-of-the-art microwave instrument dedicated for the detection of 1) the 60-GHz oxygen line to measure tropospheric temperature profile, and 2) the 183-GHz water vapour line to get tropospheric H2O (profile and precipitable water). It has been installed at Dome C in 2009 and is running nomally since 2010. The initial aim of the HAMSTRAD project was to measure the trends in water vapour and temperature profiles from the lower part of the troposphere to the lower part of the stratosphere and their links with climate change. Coupled with other instruments operating at Dome C (e.g. aerosol Lidar), the HAMSTRAD project also intends to study the genesis of thick clouds and diamond dust (ice particles) above the Dome C station by using the information coming from measurements (in situ and remote sensing at the station, satellites) and meteorological analyses of different parameters: temperature, water vapour, ice, precipitation, AOD, radiation, particles, etc. To date, the project has produced 12 peer-reviewed papers.