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    Sciences du vivant
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    Antarctique, Subantarctique, Terre Adélie, Amsterdam - St Paul, Crozet, Kerguelen,
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    Weimerskirch Henri

Seabirds and marine mammals as sentinels of global changes in the Southern Ocean

The program
uses seabirds and marine mammals as indicators of global changes in the marine
ecosystems of the southern ocean. Through a network of 4 observatories from the
Antarctic to sub-tropical biomes, the populations of 25 species of marine top
predators and their distribution at sea are monitored since 50 years. These
individually based long term information, combined with shorter term studies
carried out on an annual base, especially on the foraging ecology of the
species, are used to understand the processes though which climate affects
marine ecosystems, and to make predictions on the effects of future changes in
these ecosystems, as well as to propose conservation measures to limit the
impact of fisheries on populations.