• Acronyme :
  • Référence :
  • Domaine de recherche :
    Sciences du vivant
  • Région :
    Subantarctique, Amsterdam, St Paul
  • Responsable du projet :
    Lebouvier Marc

Biodiversité des milieux terrestres et d'eaux douces de l'Ile d'Amsterdam et de l'Ile St Paul

The program 1167 BIODIV_AMS is based on a summer campaign that will complete inventories of fauna (terrestrial invertebrates and freshwater) and flora (algae, fungi, bryophytes, lichens, ptéridophypes, phanerogams) of Ile Saint Paul and Ile Amsterdam (TAAF, Southern Indian Ocean), both to improve knowledge on the biodiversity of these islands (species status, level of endemism, possible need of protection depending on the abundance and distribution of species) and also to fully integrate these small isolated islands in studies and debates on the processes of dispersal and colonization, biogeographic peculiarities, response to past and current climate change in the southern hemisphere.