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    Subantarctique, Kerguelen
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    Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans:
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    Guillaume Damien

Fluids and magmas transfers across the lithosphere of Kerguelen

Kerguelen corresponds to a unique geodynamic context and geological history, with no current equivalent on Earth, a contemporary analogue of the formation of the first continents 4 billion years ago. The study of the productions, the migrations and the emplacement of differentiated magmas in an oceanic context, the characterization of alteration processes (serpentinization) and mantle fertilization, the respective roles of local (magmatism) and regional (tectonic, deep geodynamics) causes in the structure and evolution of the oceanic plateau as well as the study of the geometry of the different parts of the lithosphere by seismologic and gravimetric approaches and fluids circulations between them allow to provide constraints to clarify the current geodynamics and the scenario of the formation of the first continents on Earth. The current geographical situation is also strategic to constrain the climatic evolution of the last millions of years by studying the dynamics of erosion of the rocks of the archipelago and matter transfers towards the ocean.