Live from Crozet

Discover every month panoramic photo of the penguin colony of the Bay of Marin in Crozet taken by the voluntary civic service program 137 ECOPHY Mission 56 in Crozet. Photo du mois d’avril 2019 Photo du mois de mars 2019 Photo du mois de février 2019 Photo du mois de janvier 2019 Photo du mois… Lire la suite

The Arctic week 2019

The “Arctic Week” is a one-week international conference that provides transdisciplinary approaches to climate and environmental changes in the Arctic. It aims to provide an overview of the different challenges of the Arctic regions, as understood by Arctic peoples and by researchers. In a desire to pursue the interdisciplinary approach to environmental and climate changes… Lire la suite

Concordia station in photo and video

People in wintering at the station Franco-Italian Concordia, located on the site of Dome C in the heart of the Antarctic continent, are in the middle of the southern winter and can observe the Milky Way in ideal conditions. Photos: ©Julien Moyé and Thibault Gillet It is also the opportunity to show you the new… Lire la suite

The Board of Directors of the Institut polaire français

The Board of Directors, composed of representatives of the Institute who are members of the Institute and signatories to the public interest group constitutive agreement, met on Wednesday 26 June 2019 at the Brest headquarters.  

The second Kerguelen Plateau Symposium

The second Kerguelen Plateau Symposium on Marine Ecosystems and Fisheries, to which the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle and the Institut polaire français contributed, was held in mid-November 2017 in Hobart, Tasmania. The meeting brought together more than 70 researchers studying in the Australian and French regions of the Kerguelen.uelen plateau have been published and can… Lire la suite

European Polar Board, Wednesday 22 May

As part of the Arctic Science Summit Week 2019 in Arkhangelsk, Russia, the European Polar Board (EPB) is meeting on Wednesday, May 22. The European Polar Board (EPB) is an independent organisation that focuses on major strategic priorities in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Current EPB membership includes research institutes, funding agencies, scientific academies,… Lire la suite

SCAR Launches Fellowship Opportunities for 2019

SCAR today launches its 2019 Antarctic-related Fellowships for early-career researchers. SCAR will offer 5 to 6 fellowships of up to USD $15,000 each for 2019, with additional support for the scheme having been provided by India, Korea and France. A new SCAR/WMO Fellowship is also available in 2019 as detailed below. The Fellowships enable early-career… Lire la suite

Beyond EPICA presented at the EGU

As part of a major European Union project, experts from 14 institutions in ten European countries spent three years examining Antarctic ice in search of the ideal site to study the climate history of the past 1.5 million years. The Beyond EPICA – Oldest Ice consortium presents its findings at the European Geoscience Union (EGU)… Lire la suite

ISAES: The abstract submission deadline extended

The abstract submission deadline for the XIII International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences (ISAES 2019) has been extended to 21 April 2019. The ISAES 2019 Secretariat has issued a new electronic direct mail, with updated information on the symposium and direct links to the website in one handy document. XIII ISAES 2019 will be held… Lire la suite

Record length of sediment core still beaten

The MD19-3581 core – 69.73 m long – sets the world record for core length on board the Marion Dufresne, a ship of the French Oceanographic Fleet operated by Ifremer. This result obtained with the giant corer Calypso is the result of a collaboration between Ifremer, CNRS and the French Polar Institute. On Tuesday, March… Lire la suite