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The two French research facilities installed in the Antarctic are Dumont d’Urville Station in Adelie Land and the Franco-Italian Concordia in the heart of the plateau. The French polar institute fulfils Dumont d’Urville’s operational management and the running of research programmes. At Concordia, these responsibilities are shared with PNRA. At Dumont d’Urville the TAAF holds sovereignty and responsibility over the public service missions (including radio, medicine).

Adelie Land, in the coastal zone

  • Dumont d’Urville Station and annex station of Cap Prud’hommeAnt-DumontDUrville-Base-BrunoEtMarieCUSA-2014-IPEV-9
  • 66°40’S – 140°01’E
  • 20 m altitude
  • 1st overwintering in 1952
  • 25 to 35 winterers and up to 100 personnel in summer

Dome C, on the Antarctic plateau

  • Concordia Station, Franco-ItalianOuverture de Concordia en 2005
  • 75°06’S – 123°21’E
  • 3200 m altitude
  • 1st overwintering in 2005
  • 13 to 15 winterers and 50 to 70 personnel in summer



The convoy supplying Concordia from Cap Prud’homme