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IPEV’s supports around 100 teams, dependent on research establishments and/or universities, running research projects in the polar regions. The laboratories to which these teams are attached are spread over all the national territories.


Région Domaine

Acronyme Titre Numéro Région Sous-Région Domaine
OPTIMISM-SAT Observing Processes impacting The Sea Ice Mass balance from In Situ Measurements - SATellite validation 1244 Arctique Svalbard Univers
HERMAN Herman of Alaska. A Saint at the Heart of Multiple Claims 1241 Arctique Alaska, Russie Homme
Ny-Ålesund-Plankton Study of Ny-Ålesund plankton community responses to brownification by using high frequency data of autonomous sensors and by conventional measurements during an in situ mesocosm experiment 1240 Arctique Svalbard Vie
LISISKER Study of lithosphere structures and seismicity of Kerguelen 1239 Subantarctique Kerguelen Univers
ESBA Ethnography of a Scientific Base in Antarctica 1238 Antarctique Dumont d'Urville Homme
HABIT-ANT ? Habiter l’Antarctique ? Preliminary study : anthropological analysis and Participative Action Research 1237 Antarctique Terre Adélie Homme
ICAR Impact of global Change on Arctic Rodent communities 1233 Arctique Russie Vie
COG-IPEV-TAAF A study of cognitive coping mechanisms while wintering in winterers in the French Australs and Antarctic Territories 1232 Subantarctique Crozet, Kerguelen, Amsterdam Biologie Humaine
PIM Participation of IAOOS in MOSAIC 1227 Arctique Arctique central Univers
(MPC)2 Microphysical Process Characterization of Mixed Phase Clouds in the european arctic 1224 Arctique Svalbard Univers
KONBHAS Kongsforden New Benthic Habitats 1223 Arctique Svalbard Univers, Vie
SLEEPCOUNT Sleep and neurocognitive disturbances: Countermeasures and innovative investigation tools under polar extreme conditions in Antarctica 1220 Antarctique Dumont d'Urville, Concordia Biologie Humaine
ANTARCV Alterations in total red blood cell volume and plasma volume during a one-year confinement in Antarctica: effect of hypoxia 1219 Antarctique Dumont d'Urville, Concordia Biologie Humaine
HyperGeese Hyper-abundant arctic-nesting geese and the decline of canadian arctic-nesting shorebirds, an empirical test 1218 Arctique Canada Vie
palethnoAK Palethnological approach to prehistoric hunter-gatherers from the Alaskan boreal forest 1217 Arctique Alaska Homme
EXTREMEVENT Study of the impact of extreme events on morphosedimentary changes in Icelandic coasts 1216 Arctique Islande Univers
ALPACA ALaskan Pollution Arctic Chemistry-climate Analysis 1215 Arctique Alaska Univers
SEIS-ADELICE Seismic Monitoring of Ice Dynamics in Terre Adélie, East-Antarctica 1214 Antarctique Terre Adélie Univers
IMob-Ed Inuit Mobilty and Education 1213 Arctique Canada, Groenland Homme
INTAROS-SVALBARD Contributing to an INTegrated ARtic Observation System around SVALBARD 1206 Arctique Svalbard Univers, Vie
ADELISE To better constrain the origin of surface accumulation and recent climate change in Terre Adélie via the contribution of water isotopes (ADELISE) 1205 Antarctique, Subantarctique Dumont d'Urville, Amsterdam Univers
Archive EPICA Management of the EPICA-DC ice core stored at Concordia 1203 Antarctique Concordia Univers
BE-OI Beyond EPICA: Oldest Ice (reconnaissance phase) 1202 Antarctique Concordia Univers
CYCLELEPH Life cycle of Southern Elephant seals: energetic, physiological and behavioural adaptations to environmental constraints 1201 Subantarctique Kerguelen Vie
EnviKer Characterization and monitoring of environments and paleoenvironments from Kerguelen using testate amoebae 1200 Subantarctique Kerguelen Univers
PAHPA ICE Physical Activity and Health, Pluridisciplinarity Approach in ICE (isolated, confined environment) (PAHPA ICE) 1199 Antarctique Dumont d'Urville, Concordia Biologie Humaine
MicroLife 2 Microorganisms living in the Arctic 1192 Arctique Svalbard Vie
MAD FOOD 2 Fate of MAcroalgae Detritus as FOOD sources in polar coastal ecosystems. Phase 2 1190 Arctique Svalbard Vie
ASSET Antarctic Seals and the Sea-ice EnvironmenT (ASSET) 1182 Antarctique Dumont d'Urville Vie, Univers
EGRIP-France Ice drilling in Greenland EGRIP - FRANCE 1180 Arctique Groenland Univers
CAPOXI 35-75 Oxidizing capacity of the atmosphere 35-75 °S 1177 Antarctique Dumont d'Urville, Concordia Univers
EAIIST East Antarctic International Ice Sheet Traverse 1169 Antarctique Concordia Univers
AERONET Aerosol Monitoring using sun photometer at Amsterdam Island (AERONET/PHOTONS station) 1165 Subantarctique Amsterdam Univers
ECOPATH Circulation of directly transmitted and tick-borne infectious agents in sub-Antarctic and Antarctic colonial vertebrate populations: surveillance, understanding and management implications 1151 Subantarctique Crozet, Amsterdam Vie
DeSiGN Dynamic Slope Geomorphology and vulnerability in Nunavik, Canada 1148 Arctique Canada Homme, Univers
AWIPEV-CO2 Monitoring of the carbonate chemistry at the AWIPEV underwater observatory 1141 Arctique Svalbard Univers
WINDSOC Westerly winds and the Southern Ocean CO2 sink 1133 Subantarctique Crozet Univers
BRISK's OBS ENV OBServatories for BRidging Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge about ENVironmental Changes in the Arctic: Adaptation and Vulnerabilities of the Environment and Related Societies 1127 Arctique Russie Homme
ARCSNOW-2 Long-term interactions between snow and the atmosphere in the Arctic - 2 1126 Arctique Svalbard Univers
CHINSTRAP Continuous High-altitude Investigation of Neutron Spectra for Terrestrial Radiation Antarctic Project 1112 Antarctique Concordia Univers
NIVO Snow properties evolution in a changing climate in Antarctica 1110 Antarctique Concordia Univers
Austre Lovénbreen - Snow and Ice (ALSI) Austre Lovénbreen - Snow and Ice 1108 Arctique Svalbard Univers
l'AMMER Adelie penguins as Monitor of the Marine EnviRonment 1091 Antarctique Terre Adélie Vie
ENCHAINEC Environmental Changes and Human Activity In North Eastern Canada (Nunavik and Labrador) during the Last Millenium 1080 Arctique Canada Homme
TALISKER Fluids and magmas transfers across the lithosphere of Kerguelen 1077 Subantarctique Kerguelen Univers
ASTEP+ ASTEP+ : Antarctic SouThErn Photometry telescope 1066 Antarctique Concordia Univers
DACOTA Dynamics of coastal outlet glaciers and implications on the overall mass balance of the East Antarctic ice sheet 1053 Antarctique Dumont d'Urville, Cap Prud'Homme Univers
PROTEKER Effects of global change on coastal marine habitats of the Kerguelen Islands. Establishment of a base line for ecological and genetic monitoring, protection, and conservation 1044 Subantarctique Kerguelen Vie
ESCAPE-Arctic 3 Ecosystems - Snow - ClimAte - PErmafrost feedbacks - 3 1042 Arctique Canada Univers
Palaeomicsi Unveiling the biological consequences of population contact and resulting changes in lifestyle in north East Siberia : An archaeological, Palaéogénomic, epiproteomic and microbial approach 1038 Arctique Russie Homme
INTERACTIONS Direct and indirect impacts of different parasite-predator-prey interactions on the cyclic dynamics of an Arctic terrestrial vertebrate community subject to climate change 1036 Arctique Groenland, Russie Vie
GMOSTRAL 3 Global Mercury Observations: atmospheric monitoring and process studies in Sub-AnTarctic Regions and Antarctic Lands 3 1028 Antarctique, Subantarctique Concordia, Amsterdam Univers
POLARLIS 3 POLArisation of the thermospheric Red Line In Svalbard 1026 Arctique Svalbard Univers
CALVA In situ data for the calibration and validation of meteorological and climate models and satellite remote sensing, from the coast of Adelie Land to Dome C. 1013 Antarctique Dumont d'Urville, Concordia Univers
HAMSTRAD H2O Antarctica Microwave Stratospheric and Tropospheric Radiometers 910 Antarctique Concordia Univers
SURVOSTRAL Monitoring the Southern Ocean 694 Antarctique Astrolabe Univers
NIVMER NIVMER 688 Antarctique, Subantarctique Dumont d'Urville, Crozet, Kerguelen, Saint-Paul Univers
SOHN AREA SOHN AREA 600 Antarctique Astrolabe Vie
SNO-AMS / ICOS-France Greenhouse gases monitoring at Amsterdam Island 416 Subantarctique Crozet, Amsterdam-Saint-Paul Univers
CESOA Atmospheric Sulfur Cycle in relation with climate at mid and high Southern latitudes 414 Antarctique Terre Adélie Univers
GLACIOCLIM-SAMBA The glaciers, an observatory of climate, Antarctic component 411 Antarctique Dumont d'Urville, Concordia Univers
OISEAUX PLONGEURS Foraging Ecology and Energetic of Southern Diving Predators in Relation to Climatic Variability 394 Subantarctique Crozet, Kerguelen Vie
ADACLIM Responses of Arctic marine birds to environmental constraints in the context of climate change 388 Arctique Groenland Vie
ETHOTAAF Behavioural ecology of subantarctic birds 354 Subantarctique Kerguelen Vie
PARASITO ARCTIQUE Host-parasite interactions and demography in space: dispersal and local interactions in arctic seabirds. 333 Arctique Norvège Vie
ORNITHO-ENDOCRINO Contaminants exposure and maternal effects in arctic seabirds 330 Arctique Svalbard Vie
SuperDARN KER SuperDARN Kerguelen 312 Subantarctique Kerguelen Univers
RAYCO Observation of the nucleonic cosmic ray component 227 Antarctique, Subantarctique Dumont d'Urville, Kerguelen Univers
NDACC Antarctica NDACC Antarctica 209 Antarctique, Subantarctique Dumont d'Urville, Concordia, Kerguelen Univers
GEOMAGNETISM/OBS BCMT-EOST: the Five French magnetic observatories in Austral territories and Antarctica (AMS, CZT, DMC, DRV & PAF) 139 Antarctique, Subantarctique Dumont d'Urville, Concordia, Crozet, Kerguelen, Amsterdam, Saint-Paul Univers
ECOPHY - ANTAVIA Adaptive strategies and population dynamics of polar seabirds under environmental constraints 137 Antarctique, Subantarctique Dumont d'Urville, Crozet, Kerguelen Vie
SUBANTECO Subantarctic biodiversity, effects of climate change and biological invasions on terrestrial biota 136 Subantarctique Crozet, Kerguelen Vie
SISMOLOGIE/OBS GEOSCOPE - EOST : Global Seismological Observatory 133 Antarctique, Subantarctique Dumont d'Urville, Concordia, Crozet, Kerguelen, Amsterdam, Saint-Paul Univers
Physionergy Energetic challenges in penguins: Physiological, Bioenergetics and molecular Adjustments 131 Subantarctique Crozet Vie
ECONERGY Interactions between extrinsic and intrinsic factors in shaping offspring growth and adult phenotype: determinants of individual quality in the king penguin? 119 Subantarctique Crozet Vie
ORNITHOECO Seabirds and marine mammals as sentinels of global changes in the Southern Ocean 109 Antarctique, Subantarctique Dumont d'Urville, Crozet, Kerguelen, Amsterdam Vie