Scientific dissemination

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The Polar Institute is participating in the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge. Throughout the year, in Britain and France, actions for the general public are developed: exhibitions, interventions, meetings, activities, reconstruction . A range of tools are proposed to discover the worlds Antarctic, Arctic and Subantarctic.

Annuel Events

European Researchers’ Night

This is a essential event which takes place every year simultaneously in several cities  in France and all over Europe. This event allows everyone to share special moments with researchers.

In Brest, this event takes place at Océanopolis.

For more information on this event in France: and in Europe:

 Science Festival

Handling, testing, participate in laboratory visits, contact professional researchers, discover the trades of research, stimulate your taste for science! The Science Festival, there are thousands of free animations throughout France. On this occasion, science and invests public places and researchers come your way.

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Our partners


Océanopolis is a center of scientific culture dedicated to oceans. It offers the public 68 aquariums and more 4,000,000 litres of sea water. The center is divided into three pavilions corresponding to three different environments: temperate, tropical and polar. 10,000 animals  may be found in this complex. (fr), (en)


Association of Polar early career scientists is a worldwide association of early career scientists interested in the polar region. Its mission is to help polar scientists by providing a continuum of leadership that is both internationally and interdisciplinarily focused, and to stimulate collaborative projects.


In the past….



The 20-year IPEV the Thunders of Brest!

…The project: Give a journey to the heart of the poles to the general public…

For more information : Complete file of the book exhibition.


  • Festival Sciences Métisses in Océanopolis Exposition, presentation of IPEV and drawings working group.
  • Village Quartier de Sciences, Faculté de Lettres Ségalen – Exhibition and presentation of Lidar et du ice coring.
  • Meeting  CNRS in Plozévet – Presentation of IPEV and working group.
  • European Researchers’ Night in Océanopolis  – Presentation of penguins adaptation to the cold and how researchers and logisticians IPEV protect themselves from the cold.
  • Science Festival  in Science faculty of the University of Brest – Presentation of Campaign Keops II.
  • Boat show of Paris – Presentation of 20 years of IPEV and  « Voyage au cœur des pôles », reconstitution of the polar and subpolar bases during the Thunders of Brest 2012.


  • Véron Ecomuseum
  • Sciences faculty of the University of Brest for Science Festival
  • City of La Tour d’Auvergne
  • Home Bay of Saint Brieuc
  • Boat show of Paris
  • City of Pessac