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In this section you will find all documents written by the IPEV to download, print, look


Institute’s documents

IPEV on Video

Find all the videos of the institute and presentations of research programs on the IPEV chain DailyMotion platform  

  • Institutional film presents all of the IPEV activities in the north pole and the south pole and in the subantarctic islands. Time: about 12 min

2 Pôles pour la science, par ipev

  • “Et si l’Antarctique était…?”: a short 6-minute video to discover the form of a questionnaire like a Proust, another vision of Antarctica


Et si l’Antarctique était…? par ipev

On the IPEV Dailymotion channel, you’ll find

  • Logistics in Dumont d’Urville in Antarctica

Logistique à DDU par ipev

Short videos of 6 to 8 minutes presenting research programs supported by IPEV

  •  POLARIS: In Antarctica, at Dumont d’Urville, researchers are working on temperature changes consequences in some species Seabed

Le programme POLARIS, Stéphane Hourdez par ipev


  • REVOLTA: In Antarctica, at Dumont d’Urville, this program examines the ecological resources of the seabed

Le programme REVOLTA, Cyril Gallut par ipev


  • AMMER : Study of penguins as bio-indicators of climate change

Le programme AMMER, Thierry Raclot par ipev


  • MICROMET: The scientific aim of this project is a better understanding of the birth of the solar system and its early evolution in the few tens of millions of years since the gravitational collapse of our protostar

Le programme MICROMET, Jean Duprat par ipev


  • DAKOTA: study and improvement of flow measurements of the Astrolabe glacier in Antarctica

Le programme DACOTA, Emmanuel Lemeur par ipev


  • CALVA: This program aims to get on the ground, in Adelie Land and Dome C, ongoing and currently missing observations to better assess and improve weather models and climate models on the Antarctic region

Le programme CALVA par ipev


  • KREVET: This project focuses on the physiological consequences on marine organisms to an increase in potentially linked to global warming temperature

Le programme KREVET par ipev


  • ECOPHY: The objective is to evaluate the adaptability of king penguins, Adelie and emperor to global changes through the study of functional mechanisms and processes microevolutionary

Le programme ECOPHY par ipev


  • Wintering at Concordia in 6 episodes 12 to 28 minutes

Une année à CONCORDIA – Ep. 1 – Le voyage par ipev

The other episodes are here

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